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What's the problem?

"The flow of unrestricted corporate and dark money into our elections has dangerously eroded the American people’s faith in our democracy, and in our government’s ability to deliver for them and their families. Citizens United was one of the most egregious enablers of special interest money, but it was only the latest in a long line of Supreme Court cases that opened the floodgates. To truly rein in dark money, we must amend our Constitution. The Democracy for All amendment will close legal loopholes that wealthy megadonors, corporations, and special interest groups have exploited for far too long, and return power to the people once and for all.”


Fact is, 75% of Americans support the idea of getting big money out of politics. But most people don't know what they can do about it, or don't believe anything can be done about it! The problem is that we've been talking about this all wrong. Mention a Supreme Court case and half the audience loses interest. Try to explain the complexity, of how dark money funding re-election campaigns is at issue...and peoples' eyes glaze over. This "issue" lacks the immediate emotional involvement that social issues such as Gay Marriage or Abortion or Gun Control evoke. We need to provide a space where people can create and share new lenses, new perspectives, new arguments, new terms and use new forms and new media to make the case for the Democracy For All amendment, and get others engaged. This is it.

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