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Why are we fighting with each other over the words? Let's unite behind a common cause instead.

In the realm of politics, achieving significant change often requires unity, perseverance, and a laser-like focus on shared goals. Unfortunately, even the most noble causes can be compromised by internal divisions and conflicting strategies. Such is the case with the urgent mission to remove the influence of Big Money from politics through a Constitutional amendment. Supporters of this cause find themselves mired in a web of competing proposals, with differing organizations championing their own versions of the amendment.

This fragmentation threatens to weaken the collective support and dilute the impact of their shared objective. However, to truly effect change, it is crucial for all supporters to rally behind one amendment, and among the options, the Democracy For All amendment emerges as the most promising and widely supported solution.

Within the movement to eliminate the corrosive effects of Big Money in politics, three main drafts of a Constitutional amendment have emerged: the Restore Democracy amendment, promoted by Citizens Take Action; the We The People amendment, advocated by Move to Amend; and the Democracy For All amendment, which has garnered the broadest support from representatives in both the House and Senate. While each amendment may have its merits and nuances, it is evident that the continued promotion of multiple proposals has led to internal conflicts among supporters, hindering progress toward a common goal.

The Ego Factor:

One plausible explanation for this divided support lies in the ego and hubris of the organizations promoting these competing amendments. As organizations vie for prominence and recognition, (and donors and member email lists) they may prioritize their own proposal's success over the collective good. This self-interest can erode the unity needed to garner the necessary support from lawmakers and the public. It is imperative to rise above personal and organization agendas and remember the ultimate purpose of the cause – to restore democracy and create a political system that truly represents the will of the people.

Opposition Tactics:

Alternatively, it is conceivable that opponents of campaign finance reform are exploiting the divisions among supporters to undermine the movement. By promoting and amplifying the disagreements between various organizations, opponents can weaken the overall support for any amendment, making it more challenging to gain the necessary momentum for success. It is crucial for supporters to recognize this potential strategy and work diligently to bridge the gaps, focusing on the shared goal rather than engaging in divisive infighting.

The Way Forward is Democracy For All:

Despite the complex dynamics at play, the path forward for campaign finance reform lies in unity. To maximize the chances of success, we all must rally behind one proposal: the Democracy For All amendment. This amendment has emerged as the most widely supported by representatives in both the House and Senate, signifying its broad appeal and potential for legislative success. By uniting behind this amendment, supporters can consolidate their efforts, pool their resources, and present a unified front to the opposition.

Moreover, the Democracy For All amendment stands as a comprehensive and effective solution to address the issue of Big Money in politics. It encompasses the necessary provisions to overturn misguided Supreme Court decisions including Citizens United and McCutcheon, which have allowed unlimited campaign spending and deepened the influence of wealthy individuals and corporations. By rallying behind this amendment, supporters can demonstrate a collective commitment to real change and inspire broader public engagement with the issue.

Additionally, by unifying behind the Democracy For All amendment, supporters can harness the strength of numbers and build a formidable coalition that transcends individual organizations. This unity will amplify their voices and increase their leverage when advocating for the amendment's passage. By setting aside minor differences and focusing on the bigger picture, supporters can generate the necessary momentum to overcome opposition and achieve the common goal of getting Big Money out of politics. With unity, perseverance, and unwavering dedication to the cause, supporters can navigate the challenges ahead and ultimately succeed in passing a Constitutional amendment that truly represents the democratic ideals upon which our nation was built.

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