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The unchecked flood of corporate and dark money into our elections has severely eroded trust in our democracy. Supreme Court decisions like Citizens United have created a path for special interest funding to overpower our political system. Addressing this issue requires nothing short of a Constitutional amendment. The Democracy for All amendment is designed to close legal loopholes and restore power to the people.

Remarkably, a significant 75% of Americans, representing diverse political affiliations, support the removal of big money from politics. However, many individuals feel dis-empowered and uninformed about the actions they can take.

It is time for a fresh and innovative approach. Our objective is to establish an inclusive platform where people can exchange diverse perspectives, arguments, and advocacy strategies for the Democracy For All amendment. By translating ideas into meaningful action, we have the potential to ignite the catalyst for transformative change.

Join us in this pivotal moment and be an agent of progress.

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Take Action Now.

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